Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Taking The Battle To The Streets

Well, since an unemployed hobbyist finds it quite difficult to procure fresh models for a growing army, I've decided to redirect my focus for the time being from expanding my army for bigger fantasy games and instead working on painting, while my vampire Jean-Jacques Von Carstein heads off to the city of Mordheim for some Gangs of New York-style violence.

After barely setting foot in the ruined city, Jean-Jacques has already had a chance to bloody his blade on the Dwarf band of treasure hunters known only as Gandren's Greybeards. After putting Gandren out of action (earning the pesky dwarf some fear-causing scars), Jean-Jacques fled the street fight (the scenario being played), yet still came out on top since Gandren couldn't search for wyrdstone.

Also a new addition to the force! Two necromancers, knocked up from the empire battle wizards box. Photo's are pending and should be up in a day or two. There's the masked alchemist-cum-necromancer who disfigured his face in an unfortunate smelting incident, and hides it behind a mask of pure silver, and there's a dispossessed Priest of Morr who, after turning completely insane following the comet crashing into Mordheim, has joined Jean-Jacques' warband/army.

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