Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Arisen

Well, my Vampire Counts are sitting comfortably at around 1,250 points atm. So far the army stands at 2 Vampires, 60 Zombies, 2 Corpse Carts, 10 Dire Wolves, 10 Crypt Ghouls and 8 Black Knights.

To the left is my vampire Jean-Jacques Von Carstein, a Frenchie disciple of the Red Duke who has claimed the Von Carstein name as his own, and will defend that claim to the death. Directly behind him are the ghouls, Back right is a unit of zombies who are yet to survive a game, and to the back left is the unit of zombies who saw off a unit of charging khorngor in one round of combat. These uber-zombies received their paintjob in recognition of all their hard work.

Here we have a low resolution (yes, I'm using the camera on my phone) picture of my first corpse cart. So far this little beauty has racked up two Khorne Chariots and a beastherd in kills. In total I have two, although the second one isn't fully put together (tbh neither is this one but its a damn sight closer than the other one).
Will post pictures of my crypt ghouls and Black Knights later, along with the Dire wolves.

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